Dipl.-Ing. Ursula Kronemann-Fluhr Management Consulting Engineers


  • To establish new and maintain client contacts
  • To observe and analyze the construction market
  • To develop and implement acquisition strategy
  • To acquire and choose suitable contracts
  • To monitor bid estimate and proposal preparation
  • To review the risks of contract, price, time and finance conditions before tendering
  • To manage the negotiation process with clients and subcontractors
  • To review, configure and accept contracts, i.a. as general contractor
  • To control compliance with the conditions of contract and the execution process
  • To be responsible for financial results with performance control and result forecast
  • To establish guidelines for suppliers and subcontractors for tender, time frame, capacities, qualities, organization, documentation including controlling
  • Checking of tender calculation and on-site control of projects
  • Checking the technical and economical project execution process
  • Personnel planning and development
  • Personnel management, also as site management, up to 900 employees
  • To control compliance with the conditions of contract and the execution process
  • Claim management from a client´s as well as from a subcontractor´s point of view
  • To guarantee optimum financial realization of the project through active claim management
  • Preparation and finalization of claim management
  • To follow up litigation with clients or subcontractors


(native language)
  • - Intercultural competency and practical experience especially in Nigeria and Iraq
  • - High level of self-motivation and commitment
  • - Powers of self-assertion and high negotiation capability
  • - Excellent communication skills
  • - High goal and result orientation
  • - Excellent conceptual thinking ability


Obtained a Degree in Civil Engineering - German Diplom - (Technical University Karlsruhe), specialising in mechanical engineering in construction operation

International experience with main focus in Asia / Iraq for earthworks, navigable canal, and in Africa / Nigeria for structural construction, civil engineering and railway construction

Experience as project / site manager for large-scale projects between 20 - 55 Mio € volume of orders

Experience in construction, project, contract, procurement, claim and personnel management

Special Projects

Production Manager of Euro65 Yard in Lagos / Nigeria with annual turnover of 40 Mio €

Production plant to produce concrete, asphalt and prefabricated concrete elements, to operate a laboratory and a quarry, to provide a service for iron bending, transport, crane rental and ship loading, 900 employees, Lagos / Nigeria

Senior Project Manager of the Easyfleet project in Abuja / Nigeria

Easyfleet (GPS controlled system) for optimizing and controlling of fuel consumption, work performance of trucks and construction equipment, as well as site performance, successfully reducing 20% (30 Mio litres) of the fuel consumption, Abuja / Nigeria

Senior Project Manager of the optimization project of IDU Yard in Abuja / Nigeria

Optimization of the production of concrete, asphalt, prefabricated concrete elements, iron bending and formwork, as well as the development of a new quarry

Past Work

  • New administrative buildings with underground parking
  • New building for rehabilitation center
  • New hospital building with underground parking
  • New residential estate with underground parking
  • New ministry building with underground parking
  • Modification and extension of heat and power station
  • New construction and modification of hospital buildings
  • New construction of nursing homes
  • Construction of a new shopping center
  • Construction of new production facilities
  • Rehabilitation of a high rise building
  • Construction of new production halls
  • New construction of residential and commercial buildings with underground parking
  • New construction of residential apartments with underground parking
  • New construction and modification of a judicial center
  • New construction of a commercial building with underground parking
  • Pile foundation for industrial buildings
  • Pipe jacking project for waste water drainage
  • New construction of a navigable canal (170 km)
  • Rehabilitation of 254 km rail track and construction of 20 km new rail track
  • Rehabilitation and new construction of different rail track structures